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J-S Bach

Now as you take this time to relax,
start thinking of time…
Whether Time means anything to you…
Whether Time makes sense for you…
Whether Time takes grips on your mind…
Whether Time grasps your feelings…
Whether the very idea of time
penetrates deeply into your Psych…
How deep?
How far?
How high?
How long does it take you
to start feeling the Time?

Now as you take a deep breath
do you feel the power of Time?
Keep exhaling and inhaling
the way you’re doing…
It’s so pleasant to feel the light
penetrating your stomach…
It’s so pleasant to notice
the tension getting rid of your throat…
Your lungs are getting
more and more relaxed…
The fresher divine air
are mastering its way
into your body…
How long does it take you
cease feeling your body?
Is that your actual feeling
as if there are no legs, nor arms,
no feet nor hands,
neither trunk nor head?
How long does it take you
to start feeling the Time?

Now listen to Alan Poe’s
“keeping time, time, time
In a sort of runic rhyme”?
Keep your time
Follow the rhythm
Feel the rhyme
In the very unique way of yours
As you mastering your road
into the depth of Enigma
your soul encapsulated...
The Enigma of Eternity is yours...
As well as you're the tiny but integral part
of this very Universe...
Here and now…
Here and now…

©2007 Святослав Синявський
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